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Chemistry is central to science. It is a study deals with matter (STUFF of the world) and transformations of matter.

It is important and essential in physics, biology, geology, dentistry, medicine, nursing, engineering, philosophy, ….etc.

Chemistry is NOT just and beakers and test tubes in labs,  Chemical processes are going on everywhere all around us and inside us.  All the stuff you see around you is made of atoms and you are also made of atoms.

Examples: Breathing O2 binds to Fe in Hemoglobin in red blood cells and thousands of other chemical processes going on in our cells and bodies

We get energy from food we eat sugar + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water + energy.

We get energy for industry by combustion butane + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water +energy

Chemical reaction is: (a balanced chemical equation is shown below)

Reactants →Products

butane + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water + energy

2C4H10 + 13O2 →8CO2 + 10H2O + energy

There is more to learn, follow this subject, tests will come up before mid-term and examination in 3 months. Goodluck!

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