What we do for our clients


Pay Fees

School360 is built to allow fee payments if your school so desires.


Multimedia Questions

You cab create video, audio and other multimedia question types effortlessly.


Results & Certificates

Efforts and time would be saved as students see their exam results immediately, the system also sorts performance on a leaderboard.


Discussion and Forum

This feature allows students and teachers alike to interrelate and discuss several topics and subjects.

How we do

School360 is a model of how a 21st century secondary school website should look like. With School360, possiblities are limitless – you can create custom computer based tests for any class; as this would make students familiar with the CBTs and not just get to know about them during the UTMEs. All question types are supported on this all-encompassing platform for your school. Different subjects can also be thought via this platform as we have created room for file uploads, and sharing.

What we do

For your 21st century school, we have created this platofrm as a demo to show you we can create courses, quizes, set student classes and allow a complete virtual learning environment for your school, its teachers and students. 

School360 is a package i would recommend for schools anytime. Not only does it allow for an...Read more

Kehinde Omotayo

Chemistry Teacher


School360 is a virtual learning platform for schools.